Sniper photography

Photo shoot of product range

Client: Timevision India Pvt Ltd
Brief: Photo shoot of product range
Skills: Photography
Category: Photography

An elaborate packaging design exercise for a large range of educational, syllabus-oriented study and reference material.

As an extension of the product name, we chose to give a book format to the pack design – one that described the contents of the pack (along with other product-related information) while also housing 2 DVDs (a Content disk and a User Manual disk).

The challenge lay not only in creating the pack form factor – but also in the 70+ adaptations that covered grades 1 to 12 and 11 subjects in all. We split the visual grid across 4 age groups, to help distinguish between age groups; colour-coded grids helped segregate the grades and subjects.

A mammoth exercise that took nearly 4 months to complete – and while we were indeed exhausted by the end of it, we ended up with a very happy client!