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Brochure design for a luxury real estate development

Client: L Corp
Brief: Brochure design for a luxury real estate development
Skills: Print, Copywriting
Category: Print

The brochure for a premium luxury development near Mumbai needed a larger-than-life brochure to appeal to a largely NRI (non-resident Indian) target audience. We experimented with an array of print and post-print techniques – including spot lamination and 5-colour printing – to come up with this output.

We enhanced the lifestyle impact of the property by infusing relevant quotes and imagery into the brochure layout. The visual grid was kept simple and uncluttered.

Another unique feature was the use of gateway paper to print various levels of the floor plans – we perfectly layered 2 gateway sheets over a master ground level plan, to show exactly how the villas would be structured from roof to plinth.

Taha Khumri of Express Photos delivered the perfect printing and fabrication solution to create a lovely brochure for Lokhandwala Valley.