Group Satellite Booth

Exhibition Booth design for prominent real estate developer

Client: Group Satellite
Brief: Exhibition Booth design for prominent real estate developer
Skills: Space Design, Environmental Graphics, Architecture Model
Category: EGD

Exhibition booth design for 10m x 3.5m space for Group Satellite.

We designed the space and the EGD for the booth – and our trusted fabricators, Display House, did a fantastic job of bringing it alive on-site. We also designed the brochures for both the properties showcased at this exhibition.

The client also engaged us to provide them with an architectural model for Satellite D6 (later re-christened Satellite Royale) – for use at the exhibition and later, at the site marketing suite. We engaged noted model makers Dagson Arts to assist with this task.

Mr. Sameer Gera, General Manager – Marketing, Group Satellite, provided us with valuable support and assistance during the course of the project.

The result – nearly 40% of the apartments at Satellite Royale were booked by customers visiting the booth.