Bolo Health Teaser

Teaser DM for pre-launch strategy

Client: HealthOn Infosoft Pvt Ltd
Brief: Teaser DM for pre-launch strategy
Skills: Packaging design, Copywriting
Category: Packaging

Without revealing the name of the brand, this teaser concept was developed for a soon-to-be-launched health and wellness portal (called Bolo Health).

The teaser package encased a stress-relief softball squeezie, in a small but thought-provoking outer box that spoke of stress as the key cause of all health trouble in today’s fast-paced work culture & urban lifestyle.

“Bolo kya?” – translated as “Tell (me) what?” – was a logical copy twist that we introduced on the teaser DM – and even gave it a similar visual feel as the product logo that was yet to be revealed to the audience.

The feel-good yellow-smiley stress ball in the box was symbolic of the new health and wellness portal that would be launched.