Nishant is an outstanding designer, who consistently has under promised and over delivered. I have hired Nishant for more than 11 assignments in past 14 years. Each time Nishant has shown better work than before.

He has deep understanding of branding, what your customer shall think and how you can impress your customers. Because of his inherent intelligence and artistic abilities, he has worked wonders with assignments. He is very good manager and has keen sense of finance, operations and team dynamics. His personality is extremely friendly and he has a great sense of humor.

As a fact I can say as single person he has more delivering ability and capability than that of a most advertising/branding & media agencies. He always under promises and over delivers. He is one of the best assets any company can hire, in field of design and brand management.

More than just out outstanding value for your money, He can make you and your brand look like true international class brand.

Mangesh Mahajan
COO at