Before Flickr and even Facebook, there was an Indian social networking, mobile blogging, online photo blogging community website called which I was heading, brought by Midas Events. When it was launched, even the terms “social networking” and “blogging” was not a main stream phenomena.

Nishant cracked the identity, design and layout to perfection. That was our first interaction. And post the myopic visions of the media and networks whom we approached for integrating the services of Mobylog to their channels, (they never understood the power of “social”, “citizen journalism” etc. and they now swear on “trending” by FB, Twitter etc.), I have seen his creativity in defining the brand identity for Midas Events which has morphed into Midas Next, where the design of the logo still carries his mark – “ID”.

Madhukesh Thampi
Former Head of IT, Midas Events & Mobylog