Madhukesh Thampi

Before Flickr and even Facebook, there was an Indian social networking, mobile blogging, online photo blogging community website called which I was heading, brought by Midas Events. When it was launched, even the terms “social networking” and “blogging” was not a main stream phenomena.

Govind Shorewala

Nishant is an absolute Creative Genius. He worked on all the materials for our new Myanmar Business. The end product be it the brochure, the website or our stationary all were outstanding and above expectation.

Mangesh Mahajan

Nishant is an outstanding designer, who consistently has under promised and over delivered. I have hired Nishant for more than 11 assignments in past 14 years. Each time Nishant has shown better work than before.

Bhavik Shah

Nishant and his team helped us create the identity for ALM. His very first idea and concept appealed to us. His creativity and knowledge on financial services ensured a great product.

Anuraag Dhoundeyal

Nishant is an excellent designer and an extremely creative brand consultant! A gem of a person, he is very perceptive and sensitive to the subject matter he deals with. What makes his efforts special is the clear-headedness he works with.