This is a general list of services that we offer as a design studio. We are certainly open to doing more for you!


How your company (or brand) image talks to people determines the perception they will have of your company and brand. In talking to different audiences – your colleagues, customers, investors, partners, franchisees or the press – every single bit of communication says more than you think.

The first – and the most lasting – impression of your company or brand is created by your identity. Simply put, people notice (and remember!) a striking logo, a unique colour scheme, the stationery you use and the visual style of your product packaging or collaterals.

We specialise in creating identities that define your brand and your business.


Print is a versatile medium – so are our skills with it. We can create innovative invites, folders, posters, brochures, hand-outs, tags, bags, booklets, annual reports, research publications, inlay cards for record labels, templates for magazines and catchy packaging.

You really can’t wrap fish in a PDA, can you?


Your website does say a lot about your company. It’s your online brand ambassador, the world’s gateway to your brand. The user interface, content architecture and overall functionality and visual aesthetics of your website go a long way in helping people understand your business and your brand, better. A well-designed website serves to strengthen your brand in the online space.

Mobile UI design – for websites and apps – is also what we offer.


We design exhibition booths and spaces, environmental graphics for interiors and signages for commercial spaces. We also design standalone kiosks for retail displays.

Apart from these, we can help with creating backdrops and promotional banners / directional signs for conferences and seminars. We can also plan and design entire exhibition arenas, whether outdoors or indoor.

We also offer Signage and Wayfinding design solutions.


Our rich media services include creation of stunning CD-ROM presentations for company profiles, product details, campus pitches… you name it! We also create simple and effective AV presentations, for use as standalone AVs or for deployment on the web – as educational / promotional / viral communication. We also handle production.

We also offer 3D animation for simulations and industry training.


Capturing the right image to enhance your brand communication – not all of it is available as a stock photo. We offer photography services as a logical extension of our creative services and have successfully executed tabletop, industrial and abstract photo shoots for our clients.


We offer printing services to enable our clients get the best output for their design deliverables. We can also ship ready products to any part of the world. We can also process large print runs, if required.

Web production includes web platform and application UI design & development with the help of our trusted technology partners.


From coffee mugs to clear glass paperweights to luxury soap hampers to commemorative plaques and awards, we offer gifting ideas for corporates. Our network of reliable vendors also makes us a one-stop-shop for creating and delivering your gift packs.