heals / pentagram

Incredibly simple and amazing work by Domenic Lippa of Pentagram. Love the type – and the twist!

numéro #134

Lindsey Wixson sure looks HOT on the cover of Numéro #134, July 2012. Love the typography – for the masthead and the rest of the cover.

pensjonistforbundet / heyday

Crisp integrated branding program for Pensjonististforbundet – Norway’s largest organization for pensioners – by Heyday, an Oslo-based design studio.

mohawk / pentagram

Incredible identity and branding for Mohawk by Michael Beirut, Pentagram. Simple use of form and color to create a fantastic visual communication spectrum.

central / jorge león

Crisp and clean identity for Central by Jorge León.


DreamHost’s Site of the Month – Shockjoy is one cool UI, some really nice work and definitely a bunch to follow!

saks fifth avenue / pentagram

By far, the slickest Integrated Branding Program we’ve ever seen. The deft use of an older version of the iconic New York retailer’s logo, the grid approach and the simple yet mind-blowing use of the variations created by re-aligning the grid… this is perhaps the one benchmark that we have chosen to follow, since its launch in 2007.

yule login / one trick pony

This one’s absolutely nuts – as part of their “Alcoholidays” annual self promotion, One Trick Pony decided to take the Yule Login theme to another level. Celebrating awesome clients and hard work with hard liqour, the idea was to send tequila to all clients neatly packaged in a hollowed-out log.

rethinking cleaning / radius pd

Rethinking Cleaning: a smarter sustainable system in a better bottle.

plicate / benjamin hubert

Plicate is a wrist watch designed by noted British designer, Benjamin Hubert. Its increments are embodied as three dimensional faceted surfaces. Simple and elegant and magnificent! Love the look.